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26 May 2020Dame Rachel Whiteread: Contemporary Artist and Sculptor
28 April 2020Raphael: Genius of the Renaissance in Rome
24 March 2020The Luttrell Psalter: England on the Verge of the Black Death
25 February 2020Dazzling Dufy: Invitation to a Luminous Feast with Raoul Dufy
28 January 2020Rick Mather's Millennium Museums: Dulwich, Wallace and Ashmolean
26 November 2019Edward Seago: From the Circus to Sandringham
22 October 2019Painter of Sunlight: Joaquin Sorolla
24 September 2019Pots and Frocks - The World of Grayson Perry. From Essex Potter to Superstar National Treasure
09 July 2019The Great Fire of Westminster 1834: A Tale of Victorian Duplicity
18 June 2019A Truly Cultured Woman is as Rare as the Phoenix: the Life and Work of Isabella d'Este
28 May 2019Frederick the Great: Soldier and Collector
23 April 2019Caspar David Friedrich - Master of German Romanticism
26 March 2019Royal Tapestries of the 17th Century: The Mortlake and Gobelin Factories
26 February 2019Romance, Pageantry & .... Mud: The Eglinton Tournament & Victorian Medievalism
22 January 2019Beyond Borders: the Fortified Churches and Painted Monasteries of Romania
27 November 2018Salute to the Holiest: Lutyens, Churches and the Commemoration of War.
23 October 2018A Highland Thing? 18th to 20th Century Scottish Art
25 September 2018First Lecture of the New Membership Year. Celebrating the Royal Academy: Its 250th Anniversary 1768-2018
10 July 2018Joint AGM and Lecture FOR ALL MEMBERS The World in a Grain of Sand: William Blake.
19 June 2018Urban Noir: Edward Hopper's 'Nighthawks'.
22 May 201850th Anniversary Lecture. Banks, Burgundy and Piracy: The Fifteenth Century Artists of Bruges.
24 April 2018Domes and Minarets: Mosques of the Islamic world
27 March 2018The World of Graham Sutherland and John Piper
27 February 2018Satirist to Insanity: Celebrating the Life and Work of James Gillray 1756-1815
23 January 2018The Life and Works of Dame Laura Knight
28 November 2017Handel: God and The Box Office
24 October 2017Tudor and Jacobean Miniatures
26 September 2017The Limewood Sculptors of Renaissance Germany

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Dame Rachel Whiteread: Contemporary Artist and Sculptor Linda Smith Tuesday 26 May 2020

Rachel Whiteread is a Turner Prize winner.  She is one of the most important and respected British artists working today. She uses an ancient technique, casting, but with an astonishing variety of materials.

Her preoccupation with the hidden spaces in between things has resulted in an extraordinary range of objects which form a series of eloquent tributes to the silent and overlooked.  Her range of work is huge; from tiny objects to multi-component installations.  The finished works can reveal unexpected associations and can be extremely moving.  It was this quality which won her the prestigious commission to design a Holocaust Memorial for the city of Vienna.